E-design is an interior design service offered online. It is a simple and more affordable design option to my full interior design service. It is a true collaboration between me (the designer) and you (the client). All communication is done via email allowing you to have more flexibility in your schedule for fun things.

The online process is detailed below:

Consultation: You complete an in depth client questionnaire and provide measurements, images and floor plans. I also ask you to supply images of rooms you love. This helps me to get a better understanding of your tastes and style.

Design: I create a mood board based on your questionnaire and present this to you via email. Two rounds of changes can be made if required.

Design Pack Completion: 2-3 weeks later you will receive a personalised plan in a PDF file that you can keep on hand, ready for installation.

E-Design packages:




I can produce a 3D visual of the entire bedroom design by creating the room as a 3D model. I will apply the necessary textures and then presenting it as a watercolour illustration. These 3D illustrations usually start at £100 and can increase in price depending number required. You can add this option to any of the E-design packages from above.




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