I’m Ildi - mum to Duncan and an interior designer who specializes in designing nurseries, children’s and teenagers bedrooms and playrooms.

I believe that the key to a sustainable future is; for us to teach our children the importance of protecting the environment. A great way to do this is to surround them with green and natural stimulants such as plants, eco-friendly and non-toxic products that will be a daily reminder about how important it is to be environmentally friendly.

I love creating personalised, colourful, fun and safe places to be enjoyed by children. A well designed bedroom doesn’t just look beautiful but it also enhances a child’s development and their mental and physical wellbeing.


When it comes to designing a room my aim is to use eco friendly, sustainable and non-toxic products sourced especially from small businesses.

 Eco Bairn Interiors

93 Fauldburn, Edinburgh, EH12 8YQ

Tel.: +44 (0) 782 732 2452

Email: mail@ecobairninteriors.co.uk

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